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torsdag 27. september 2012

A glimpse of my running route

Battersea Park
Can you believe this is in central London? It's actually a part of my running route in Battersea Park. A quite extraordinary view, right? I haven't been running for the past two weeks as I came down with the flu and have been taken a while to recover, but I am contemplating starting my running routine again this weekend. With a view like this - there is really no excuse not to...  

tirsdag 25. september 2012

London by night

Londre, fleures et nuit
So, I went to Battersea park today after my Interviewing and Advising exam - wanted to share with you the amazingness of this place. Brought my camera, but ended up missing the sunset and having to take pictures in the dark. Soo.. Not so much Battersa, but ended up being a bit more creative.. Love how the blurriness makes it more dreamy. Took some sharper ones too, but this is by far my favourite.

Do you like or does it make you dizzy?

søndag 23. september 2012

My 20s passing by

Another week(end) has passed by with my head in the books. Today was all about injunctions. Will I regret my studiousness when my 20s has passed by while reading the judgments of Lord Denning or Lord Wilberforce? Will the heaps of invitations to parties I have turned down and the endless of Fridays and Saturdays I have spent in my room reading law books haunt me once I am too old to get away with dancing on tables. Am I not too old to dance on tables already? Are you ever young enough to dance on tables? I don't know. You tell me. 

In this slightly premature mid life crisis, or should I say severely late teen rebellion, I have realised my way out is not a fancy car or dancing on tables, but to take one day off a week where I am not studying.  Or one day a month. Or just half a day. Like next Sunday. So I can have my hair cut. 

At least I tried. 


torsdag 20. september 2012

Cat in London

Here I go again. Living in London. Not Camden this time, but Chelsea. Two different worlds. Yes. Really. Where Camden is crowded, Chelsea is empty. Where Camden got cheap bargains, Chelsea got expensive bargains. Where Camden got scones with clotted cream, Chelsea got organic melt-on-your tongue brownies. Where Camden got dirt and whores, Chelsea got clean streets and high class escorts. Where Camden got the big, get-lost-and-mesmorised-in touristy market, Chelsea got the farmer's market. Where Camden got police sirens every night, Chelsea got the silence which comes in suburbia. And Battersea Park - a Chelsea treat. Whilst I enjoy Camden, I must admit Chelsea is much more my cup of tea. Although I sometimes think I belong somewhere in between of these world's. 

And as you can imagine, I have been super busy with studying, so I haven't had time to take any photos.. But I promise that I will post some soon!