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søndag 27. januar 2013

The wonderful world of Albert Kahn

There are few things in life that are more captivating than a black and white photograph from the 'olden days'. You are given a glimpse into a world which existed long before you were born, or even long before your grand parents were born. Black and white pictures are necessarily linked to a time where colour did not exist. However, colour photography did exist more than 100 years ago. According to Wikipedia (oh, the feeling of citing Wikipedia - soo wrong, but yet so good), colour photography was attempted as early as the beginning of the 1840s, but never really made a great success due to its fading colours of fake colouring methods. However, despite the existence of old colour photographs, I have never really seen any before very recently; the extraordinarily beautiful colours of Albert Kahn's photographs are faded and subtle  - making you stop and wonder, dreamily about how the world used to be. Having seen only black and white pictures from the old days, I find myself slightly puzzled by the sudden appearance of colour. It is refreshing and wonderful, and a bit mysterious. 

Albert Kahn was not himself the photographer, though. He was initiating and commissioning photographers to document the world through colour photographies in 1909 and onwards. The actual photographers The result is an array of pictures from all over the world - giving us all a glimpse into a past long forgotten. 

The Albert Kahn museum is in Paris, and the BBC has currently published a book where you can find some of his pictures. 

I will definitely go and have a look at the museum when in Paris, and might even buy the book. I can imagine it is the absolute best pass time on a rainy day where all you want to do is stay inside and drink lots of herbal tea.. 


Norway - possibly Hardanger (I have the same national costume dress)



lørdag 5. januar 2013

Back in London

I am back in London after my xmas break. I had two relaxed weeks filled with family and friends. I celebrated NY in Oslo - dinner with some friends. It as relaxed and fun. With good food and champagne. Just as it should be. Next year, however, I am planning on going somewhere else with a group of friends. We went to Tallinn last NY and it was such a great experience.

I came back two days ago, and it feels like I never left. Even Paddington station was not as grand as it normally feels upon return to London. Have I told you about the experience I normally get from arriving at Paddington? No?

Ok. Let me explain The Paddington Station Experience:

Imagine you are from a very large country with only 5 million inhabitants. This means you are not used to see many people in one place, and your train stations will usually never be really sizable. Then imagine that you are leaving that country to move to London. You arrive at the airport, and as you find the tube system somewhat complicated, you take the train to London Paddington. Upon arrival at the station you struggle with getting your heavy suitcase out onto the platform and when you finally look up you see Paddington. Its grandeur takes your breath away, and you are inevitably reminded of how small you are and how big the world is. It is a good feeling. A little daunting, but nevertheless a good feeling. I strongly recommend the Paddington experience to you too!

Paddington Station 1913 - not very different from the Paddington you arrive at today.